Seed preparation

Seed preparation begins immediately after harvesting has finished.


Using our flat and drum sieves, the field corn is divided into many different calibres, depending on the grower’s wishes. Calibration is an important process in order to obtain a uniform size of the kernels in the sack, thus ensuring exact kernel separation during sowing!

Weight selector

Our weight selectors, also called “shaker tables”, enable us to detect the finest hairline cracks in kernels, breakage as well as Fusarium fungi, and to eliminate them accordingly.

Our weight separators have been specially modified for working with corn. This allows us to accurately separate damaged or underdeveloped kernels.

To achieve top germination, this process is an indispensable step in today’s field corn production.


As an organic field corn producer, we have strictly separated areas, including the dressing facilities. Only organic dressing agents are used in the organic dressing facility

Batch dressing machines are used to apply the dressing agents Up to four different dressings can be applied to the kernels simultaneously or one after the other.

Batch seed dressers ensure the uniform application according to quantity, even in case of very small batches, and guarantee optimum distribution of the dressing agent on the seed. The dressing quality is continuously monitored by testing and measuring the finished product.


3 bagging facilities are available for bagging. Two of these are used for organic seed and one for conventional seed. Depending on the customer’s requirements, the seed is bagged from 4,000 kernel units up to 80,000 kernel units.

INFORMATION for interested contract farmers; your contact at RWA

YOU are interested in growing organic or conventional field corn on your land? RWA’s cultivation area covers the whole of Lower Austria, Upper Austria and Burgenland. Please do not hesitate to contact RWA! Contact DI Mathias Breisch, Mobile: 0664/6274333 oder Ing. Michael Lackner 0664/6274283.

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