Corn drying

The cobs are selected by hand at the facility in Bruck/Leitha and checked carefully for fusarial infections and types of other varieties. The greatest care and diligence are paramount.

After manual selection, the single-variety cobs are carefully transported on conveyor belts to 4 drying systems and gently dried with warm air at a maximum of 40 °C. The cobs are then dried in the drying room. In order to preserve the germination capacity, the temperature of the supplied air must not exceed 40 °C. The cobs are dried to a residual water content of approx. 16-17 %. With this residual moisture, the kernels can be destemmed with great ease. Due to the higher elasticity of the kernels, the sensitive seedlings are thus protected. They are then dried in a continuous dryer to a moisture content of 12.5 – 13 %.

Drying boxes

There are drying boxes in 3 different sizes with a capacity of 18 to 50 tonnes. The facility is heated with 3 different systems.

  1. 1. Corncob-fuelled heating
  2. Air-heating pump, which cools the air down to 0 °C, resulting in a humidity of 0%. The air is then heated up again to 40 °C with the help of an air-heating pump. This process allows us to dry the field corn highly efficiently at 40 °C and 0% humidity. Another great advantage of this heating system is that it prevents the occurrence of Fusarium fungi in the drying boxes.
  3. Gas heating

INFORMATION for interested contract farmers; your contact at RWA

YOU are interested in growing organic or conventional field corn on your land? RWA’s cultivation area covers the whole of Lower Austria, Upper Austria and Burgenland. Please do not hesitate to contact RWA! Contact DI Mathias Breisch, Mobile: 0664/6274333 oder Ing. Michael Lackner 0664/6274283.

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